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At Diverse Funding/DNF Associates we understand that these are unprecedented times will live in with unique issues and fact patterns facing the consumers that are in our portfolios. For this reason, we have compiled the resources below, so consumers understand their rights and to provide them with options outside our organization.


If you are a consumer named on an account owed to our organization, and you feel you have not been provided with the level of service, dignity, or respect a person deserves, please contact us at immediately at 1 (855) 366-8584 or through the online form below. It is important to us that every consumer interaction is a professional and courteous experience for all parties.

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The professionals at Diverse Funding Associates, LLC and DNF Associates LLC seek to change the negative stigma associated with debt purchasers and the receivables industry. As a certified member of the Receivables Management Industry International (RMAi), ACA International, and the Better Business Bureau, our company stays informed of current industry legislation and changes so we can continue to help set the industry’s highest standard.

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